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Journal Club

We believe that REU participants should also be exposed to other research problems in Computer Vision, beyond their own area of concentration. In order to achieve this, we will organize a ``journal club'', a weekly paper discussion session during the spring semester. By the start of the spring semester, students will have a fairly good idea of basic concepts in computer vision. Each week a research paper will be selected and assigned to a student. That student will study the paper carefully and present it in the journal club. The other students will also read the paper and prepare questions and comments for discussion with the student responsible for that week. That way students will follow the content in the paper, and will also be trained to be critical in a constructive sense. These sessions will be moderated by the PIs at their respective universities. This is an important and effective means of getting students used to making presentations about technical material and of teaching them how to read and comprehend journal papers.

Mubarak Shah
Wed Oct 1 15:17:50 EDT 1997