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Participation in Professional Meetings

Attendance at professional meetings gives the REU participants exposure to the well-known researchers in the field, provides an opportunity to see good and not-so-good research presentations, and provides an opportunity to assimilate the latest research results. Therefore, we propose to take all of the REU participants to at least one professional meeting related to computer vision. We are fortunate in that our geographic location will make this possible at a reasonable cost. The annual SPIE Intelligent Information Systems meeting held in Orlando each spring has at least one conference devoted to robotics and computer vision. This will be our default option. In many years, a more focused meeting is held close by. For instance, in 1994 the IEEE Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision is being held in Sarasota and in 1995 the IEEE Workshop on Computer Vision will be held in Miami. In past years, the IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference and the International Conference on Computer Vision have also been held in Florida.

Mubarak Shah
Wed Oct 1 15:17:50 EDT 1997