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Student Preparation and Follow-Through

Students will receive background preparation for their research project through the computer vision short course in the summer. All students will devote a substantial portion of their time during the academic year to the research project, since they will have an independent study, senior project or senior thesis supervised by one of the investigators. We will help the students as they apply for graduate school admission during the academic year. We will encourage them to take the GREs early enough that they can take them again if they do not do well initially. (It has been our experience that students taking the exam a second time often improve their score by over a hundred points.) We will advise them about which schools have good programs in what subareas. We will also direct qualified students to apply for graduate fellowships awarded by NSF, NASA, ONR, AFOSR, the McKnight program, and the State of Florida. We will facilitate interaction with outside researchers visiting any of the campuses during the academic year, so that students develop the contacts necessary for admission to the best schools. We will also contact company representatives and have them arrange interviews and site visits for students interested in industry.

Mubarak Shah
Wed Oct 1 15:17:50 EDT 1997