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Grant CDA-9200369: REU in Computer Vision (1992-1994)

Principal Investigators: Mubarak Shah and Kevin Bowyer.
During 1993-94 ten undergraduate students including four females, and three minority students from four institutions (UCF, USF, Stetson, FAMU) participated. Two students already have papers accepted in conferences, and one student has a paper accepted in a journal. Five students were admitted to the graduate Schools; one to MIT with assistantship, one to North Carolina State University with assistantship, one to USF (with a three-year NASA fellowship) and two to UCF (one of these with a three-year NSF fellowship). The other participants are still undergraduate students.

During 1992-1993 ten undergraduates including one minority and four females from four institutions (UCF, USF, Rollins College, and Eckerd College) participated. The students attended a short course in computer vision during the summer of 1992. This course was held on the UCF campus and was taught by Professor Shah of UCF and Professor Bowyer of USF. The students attended weekly group research meetings and worked on their own research topics. Four students already have papers accepted at conferences, and others are still under editorial consideration. Four students were admitted to the graduate school, others are still undergraduate students.

Mubarak Shah
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