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Mahalanobis, Abhijit; Kumar, Vijaya B V K; Casasent, David

Spatial‑temporal correlation filter for in‑plane distortion invariance Journal Article

Applied Optics, 25 (23), pp. 4466-4472, 1986.

Tags: Deep Learning

Mahalanobis, Abhijit; Casasent, David

Large class iconic pattern recognition: an OCR case study Proceeding

SPIE , 1986.

Tags: Deep Learning

Casasent, David; Liebowitz, S A; Mahalanobis, Abhijit

Parameter selection for iconic filter synthesis Proceeding

SPIE, 1986.

Tags: Deep Learning

Kumar, Vijaya B V K; Mahalanobis, Abhijit

Alternate interpretation for minimum variance synthetic discriminant functions Journal Article

Applied Optics , 25 (15), pp. 2484, 1986.

Tags: Deep Learning

Shah, Mubarak; Sood, A; Jain, R

Pulse and Staircase Edge Models Journal Article

Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing, 1986.

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Casasent, David; Mahalanobis, Abhijit

Correlation filters for distortion invariance and discrimination Proceeding

Optical Society of America, 1985.

Tags: Deep Learning

Mitra, S K; Mahalanobis, Abhijit

Fast computation of jacobian and inverse jacobian of robot manipulators Proceeding

SPIE , 1985.

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Shah, Mubarak; Jain, R

Detecting Time Varying Corners Journal Article

Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing, 1984.

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