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Center for Research in Comptuer Vision

Source Code

Shape from Shading

*These codes assume a UCF image format (no longer in use), and the I/O functions dealing with that old format are included within the packages. Whoever downloads these can feel free to modify the code to read/write more commonly used image formats.

Zhang-Tsai-Cryer-Shah (C code)

Code from the following publication:

Ruo Zhang,Ping-Sing Tsai, James Cryer and Mubarak Shah, Shape from Shading: A Survey, IEEE Transactions on PAMI, Volume 21, Number 08, August, 1999, pp 690-706.

Cryer-Tsai-Shah Method (C code)

Source code for the Cryer-Tsai-Shah method for combining shape from shading and stereo depth maps.

Related Publication: James Cryer, Ping-Sing Tsai and Mubarak Shah. Shape from Shading and Stereo, Pattern Recognition, Volume 28, No. 7, pp 1033-1043, Jul 1995.

Tsai-Shah Method (C code)

Source code for the Tsai-Shah method for shape from shading. Related Publication: Ping-sing Tsai and Mubarak Shah, Shape From Shading Using Linear Approximation, Technical Report, 1992.