ICCV Workshop on Action Recognition with a Large Number of Classes

All of the talks of the workshop can be viewed HERE.


Opening Session

09:00 Opening Remarks, Rahul Sukthankar, Google Research. [PPT Slides]

09:05 Invited Talk and Challenge Top Performer Presentation: Cordelia Schmid (INRIA), "Actions Recognition From Videos: Some Recent Results"

09:35 Invited Talk: Jason J. Corso (SUNY at Buffalo), "Analyzing the Role of Motion and Time in Large-scale Action Recognition"

10:05 Coffee Break

Action Classification Session

10:30 Overview and the Results of the Classification Challenge, Jingen Liu, SRI International. [PPT Slides]

10:50 Challenge Top Performer: "L1-regularized Logistic Regression Stacking and CRF Smoothing for Action Recognition", S. Karaman, L. Seidenari, A. Bagdanov, A. Del Bimbo

11:10 Challenge Top Performer: "Hybrid Super Vector with Improved Dense Trajectory Features", X. Peng, L. Wang, Z. Cai, Y. Qiao

11:30 Invited Talk: Silvio Savarese (Stanford), "Recognizing Human Actions in Context"

12:00 Challenge Top Performer: "Ordered Trajectories for Large Scale Human Action Recognition", R. Oruganti, R. Goecke

12:20 "A Spatio-Temporal Feature based on Triangulation of Dense SURF", K. Yanai, D. Nga

12:40 Lunch

Action Localization Session

14:30 Overview and the Results of the Localization Challenge, Yu-Gang Jiang, Fudan University. [PPT Slides]

14:50 Invited Talk and Challenge Top Performer Presentation: Jianxin Wu (Nanjing University), "From Image to Video Encoding for Action Recognition"

15:20 Coffee Break

Conclusion Session

16:10 Invited Talk: Tal Hassner (Open University, Israel), "What do action recognition benchmarks tell us about action recognition capabilities?"

16:40 Summary of the Challenge Results and Closing Remarks, Massimo Piccardi, Univ. of Tech., Sydney. [PPT Slides]

17:00 End

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Workshop Organization

General Chairs:

Ivan Laptev, INRIA
Massimo Piccardi, Univ. of Tech., Sydney
Mubarak Shah, UCF
Rahul Sukthankar, Google Research

Program Chairs:

Yu-Gang Jiang, Fudan University
Jingen Liu, SRI International
Amir Roshan Zamir, UCF

All names ordered alphabetically.

keynote speakers

Jason J. Corso, SUNY at Buffalo, USA
Tal Hassner, Open University, ISrael
Silvio Savarese, Stanford, USA
Cordelia Schmid, INRIA, France
Stan Sclaroff, Boston University, USA
Jianxin Wu, NJU, China

program committee

Saad Ali, SRI International, USA
Marco Bertini, University of Florence, Italy
Cigdem Beyan, University of Edinburgh, UK
Francois Bremond, INRIA, France
Liangliang Cao, IBM T. J. Watson, USA
Jason J. Corso, SUNY at Buffalo, USA
Riad Hammoud, BAE Systems, USA
nazli ikizler-cinbis, Hacettepe Univ., Turkey
Quoc V. Le, Stanford University, USA
Zicheng Liu, MSR, USA
Jiebo Luo, University of Rochester, USA
Greg Mori, SFU, Canada
Ronald Poppe, Univ. of Twente, Netherlands
Michalis Raptis, UCLA, USA
Michael S. Ryoo, NASA JPL, USA
Shin'ichi Satoh, NII, Japan
Silvio Savarese, Stanford, USA
Stan Sclaroff, Boston University, USA
Cees Snoek,Univ. of Amsterdam,Netherlands
Sinisa Todorovic, Oregon State Univ., USA
Yang Wang, University of Manitoba, Canada
Jianxin Wu, NJU, China
Lexing Xie, ANU, Australia
Shuicheng Yan, NUS, Singapore
Alper Yilmaz, OSU, USA
Junsong Yuan, NTU, Singapore
Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Technion, Israel

Data Collection

Khurram Soomro, UCF


ICCV International Workshop on Action Recognition with a Large Number of Classes, Sydney, Australia, 2013