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CRCV Professor, Dr. Ulas Bagci, has been awarded NIH’s prestigious R01 funding. The title of his grant is “Cyst-X: Interpretable Deep Learning Based Risk Stratification of Pancreatic Cystic Tumors”, and a total of award more than $2.5M. Dr. Bagci has obtained this funding from National Cancer Institute (NCI) of NIH, the nation’s leader in cancer research and the most competitive NIH institute to get funding.

Dr. Bagci, as a principal investigator (PI) of this project, will work on developing new diagnostic tools based on artificial intelligence techniques that can analyze medical scans (MRI) of suspected pancreatic cysts and lead to a better outcome than current clinical standards. Since there is no early detection mechanism for pancreatic cancer at the moment, in the long term, Dr. Bagci aims to diagnose pancreatic cancer at earlier stages by targeting these precancerous pancreatic cysts, and analyze their risk assessment based on novel artificial intelligence methodologies that he develops with his group.

In his multi-institutional project, Dr. Bagci, as a PI of the project and UCF as a main project site, will collaborate with world-renowned physicians from Mayo Clinic, Columbia University Medical Center, and Erasmus Medical Center.