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Human Action Recognition in Drone Videos using a Few Aerial Training Examples
Waqas Sultani and Mubarak Shah
TinyVIRAT: Low-resolution Video Action Recognition
Ugur Demir, Yogesh Singh Rawat and Mubarak Shah
Gabriella: An Online System for Real-Time Activity Detection in Untrimmed Security Videos
Mamshad N Rizve, Ugur Demir, Praveen Tirupattur, Aayush J Rana, Kevin Duarte, Ishan Dave, Yogesh Singh Rawat and Mubarak Shah
Multi-view Action Recognition using Cross-view Video Prediction
Shruti Vyas, Yogesh Singh Rawat and Mubarak Shah
VideoCapsuleNet: A Simplified Network for Action Detection
Kevin Duarte, Yogesh Singh Rawat and Mubarak Shah
Real-World Anomaly Detection in Surveillance Videos
Waqas Sultani, Chen Chen and Mubarak Shah
An End-to-end 3D Convolutional Neural Network for Action Detection and Segmentation in Videos
Rui Hou, Chen Chen and Mubarak Shah
Unsupervised Action Discovery and Localization in Videos
Khurram Soomro and Mubarak Shah
Tube Convolutional Neutral Network (T-CNN) for Action Detection in Videos
Rui Hou, Chen Chen and Mubarak Shah
Real-Time Temporal Action Localization in Untrimmed Videos by Sub-Action Discovery
Rui Hou, Rahul Sukthankar and Mubarak Shah
Automatic Action Annotation in Weakly Labeled Videos
Waqas Sultani and Mubarak Shah
Unsupervised Action Proposal Ranking through Proposal Recombination
Waqas Sultani, Dong Zhang and Mubarak Shah
Action Localization in Videos through Proposal Recombination
Khurram Soomro, Haroon Idrees and Mubarak Shah
Predicting the Where and What of actors and actions through Online Action Localization
Khurram Soomro, Haroon Idrees and Mubarak Shah
What if we do not have multiple videos of the same action? Video Action Localization Using Web Images
Waqas Sultani and Mubarak Shah
Video Classification using Semantic Concept Co-occurrences
Shayan Modiri Assari, Amir Roshan Zamir and Mubarak Shah
Cross Dataset Action Recognition
Waqas Sultani and Mubarak Shah
Action Recognition By Motion Decomposition
Shandong Wu, Omar Oreifej and Mubarak Shah
DaMN-Discriminative and Mutually Nearest
Rui Hou, Amir Roshan Zamir, Rahul Sukthankar and Mubarak Shah
Recognizing 50 Human Action Categories of Web Videos
Kishore Reddy and Mubarak Shah
HON4D: Histogram of Oriented 4D Normals for Activity Recognition for Depth Sequences
Omar Oreifej and Zicheng Liu
Classifying Web Videos using a Global Video Descriptor
Berkan Solmaz, Shayan Modiri and Mubarak Shah
Matching Trajectories of Anatomical Landmarks under Viewpoint Anthropometric, and Temporal Transforms
Alexei Gritai, Yaser Sheikh, Cen Rao and Mubarak Shah
Human Action Recognition in Videos Using Kinematic Features and Multiple Instance Learning
Saad Ali
KEYS - Incremental Action Recognition Using Feature-Tree
Kishore Reddy and Jingen Liu
Chaotic Invariants for Human Action Recognition
Saad Ali and Arslan Basharat
Action Recognition Using Bag of Video-Words
Jingen Liu
Action Recognition Using Multiple Features
Jingen Liu
Learning Semantic Visual Vocabularies Using Diffusion Distance
Jingen Liu and Yang Yang
Recognizing Realistic Actions from Videos "in the Wild"
Jingen Liu and Jiebo Luo
Learning 4D Action Feature Models for Arbitrary View Action Recognition
Pingkun Yan and Saad M. Khan
Activity Recognition in Groups of People
Saad M. Khan
View-Invariant Representations for Human Activity Recognition
Cen Rao
Monitoring Human Behavior in an Office Environment
Douglas Ayers
Detection of Armed Robbery
Jaime Dever
Person-on-Person Violence Detection in Video Data
Ankur Datta
Monitoring Head/Eye Motion for Driver Alertness with One Camera
Raymond Paul Smith
Monitoring Fast Food Production
Richard Russo
CASEE: A Hierarchical Event Representation for the Analysis of Videos
Asaad Hakeem and Yaser Sheikh
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Unsupervised Meta-Learning for Few-Shot Image Classification
Siavash Khodadadeh, Ladislau Bölöni and Mubarak Shah
Iterative Projection and Matching
Alireza Zaeemzadeh*, Mohsen Joneidi*, Nazanin Rahnavard and Mubarak Shah
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Multi-Target Tracking in Non-Overlapping Cameras using Fast-Constrained Dominant-sets
Yonatan Tariku Tesfaye, Eyasu Zemene, Andrea Prati, Marcello Pelillo and Mubarak Shah
Visual Tracking: An Experimental Survey
Arnold W. M. Smeulders, Dung M. Chu, Rita Cucchiara, Simone Calderara, Afshin Dehghan and Mubarak Shah
Multiframe Many-Many Point Correspondence for Vehicle Tracking in High Density Wide Area Aerial Videos
Imran Saleemi and Mubarak Shah
Target Identity-aware Network Flow for Online Multiple Target Tracking
Afshin Dehghan, Yicong Tian, Philip H.S. Torr and Mubarak Shah
GMMCP-Tracker: Globally Optimal Generalized Maximum Multi Clique Problem for Multiple Object Tracking
Afshin Dehghan, Shayan Modiri Assari and Mubarak Shah
Video Object Segmentation
Dong Zhang, Omar Javed and Mubarak Shah
Statistical Inference of Motion in the Invisible
Haroon Idrees, Imran Saleemi, and Mubarak Shah
(MP)2 T: Multiple People Multiple Parts Tracker
Hamid Izadinia , Imran Saleemi, Wenhui Li and Mubarak Shah
GMCP-Tracker: Global Multi-object Tracking Using Generalized Minimum Clique Graphs
Amir Roshan Zamir, Afshin Dehghan and Mubarak Shah
Part-based Multiple-Person Tracking
Guang Shu, Afshin Dehghan, Omar Oreifej, Emily Hand and Mubarak Shah
Motion Analysis on CLIF Dataset
Vladimir Reilly, Haroon Idrees, and Mubarak Shah
Object Tracking: A Survey
Alper Yilmaz, Omar Javed and Mubarak Shah
Target Reacquisition in Aerial Videos
Saad Ali
Contour Based Object Tracking
Alper Yilaz
Target Tracking in Video Acquired Using Moving FLIR Sensors
Alper Yilmaz
Object Tracking Across Uncalibrated Moving Cameras
Alper Yilmaz
Multi-view Tracking in Crowded Scenes
Saad M. Khan
Tracking Across Multiple Moving Airborne Cameras
Yaser Sheikh
Trajectory Association across Non-overlapping Moving Cameras in Planar Scenes
Yaser Sheikh, Xin Li and Mubarak Shah
Tracking Across Multiple Cameras with Disjointed Views
Omar Javed, Zeeshan Rasheed and Khurram Shafique
Tracking in Multiple Cameras with Overlapping FOV
Saad M. Khan, Omar Javed and Zeeshan Rasheed
Tracking People in Presence of Occlusion
Sohaid Khan
Detection and Target Tracking in FLIR Imagery
Alper Yilmaz and Khurram Shafique
A Non Iterative Greedy Algorithm for Multi-Frame Point Correspondence
Khurram Shafique
Human Body Parts Tracking
Alexei Gritai and Arslan Basharat
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Improved Scene Identification and Object Detection on Egocentric Vision of Daily Activities
Gonzalo Vaca-Castano, Samarjit Das, Joao P. Sousa, Niels D. Lobo and Mubarak Shah
Scene Labeling Using Sparse Precision Matrix
Nasim Souly and Mubarak Shah
Improving an Object Detector and Extracting Regions using Superpixel
Guang Shu, Afshin Dehghan and Mubarak Shah
Independently Moving Objects Detection in Non-Planar Scenes using Multi-Frame Monocular Epipolar Constraint
Soumyabrata Dey, Vladimir Reilly, Imran Saleemi and Mubarak Shah
Audio source localization and audio-visual synchronization using CCA
Hamid Izadinia, Imran Saleemi and Mubarak Shah
Simultaneous Video Stabilization and Moving Object Detection in Turbulence
Omar Oreifej, Xin Li and Mubarak Shah
Geometric Constraints for Human Detection in Aerial Imagery
Vladimir Reilly, Berkan Solmaz and Mubarak Shah
Human Identity Recognition in Aerial Images
Omar Oreifej, Ramin Mehran and Mubarak Shah
3D Model based Object Detection
Pingkun Yan and Saad M. Khan
Learning Scene Model from Surviellance
Arslan Basharat
Background Modeling
Mubarak Shah
Scene Understanding and Classification
Jingen Liu
Detecting and Segmenting Humans in Crowded Scenes
Mikel Rodgriguez
A Supervised Learning Framework for Generic Object Detection in Images
Saad Ali
Online Detection and Classification of Moving Objects Using Progressively Improving Detectors
Omar Javed and Saad Ali
Modeling Traffic Patterns for Vision based Surviellance Applications
Imran Saleemi, Khurram Shafique and Mubarak Shah
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Odyssey: Creation, Analysis and Detection of Trojan Models
Marzieh Edraki, Nazmul Karim, Nazanin Rahnavard, Ajmal Mian and Mubarak Shah
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GAMa: Cross-view Video Geo-localization
Shruti Vyas, Chen Chen and Mubarak Shah
Large-scale Image Geo-Localization Using Dominant Sets
Eyasu Zemene, Yonatan Tariku Tesfaye, Haroon Idrees, Andrea Prati, Marcello Pelillo and Mubarak Shah
Bridging the Domain Gap for Ground-to-Aerial Image Matching
Krishna Regmi and Mubarak Shah
Cross-View Image Matching for Geo-localization in Urban Environments
Yicong Tian, Chen Chen and Mubarak Shah
Geo-Semantic Segmentation
Shervin Ardeshir and Kofi Malcolm Collins-Sibley
Google Street View Data Set
Amir Roshan Zamir
GPS Tag Refinement Using Random Walks and Adaptive Damping
Amir Roshan Zamir, Afshin Dehghan and Shervin Ardeshir
GIS-Assisted Object Detection and Geospatial Localization
Amir Roshan Zamir, Afshin Dehghan and Shervin Ardeshir
Image Geo-Localization Based on Multiple Nearest Neighbor Feature Matching Using Generalized Graphs
Amir Roshan Zamir
Visual Business Recognition - A Multimodal Approach
Amir Roshan Zamir
City Scale Geo-Spatial Trajectory Estimation of a Moving Camera
Gonzalo Vaca
Geo-Spatial Localization Using Google Street View
Amir Roshan Zamir
ICCV Challenge Contest Where Am I
Asaad Hakeem, Arslan Basharat, Saad M. Khan and Fahd Rafi
Route Panoramas and Localization
Saad M. Khan and Fahd Rafi
Video Registration
Mubarak Shah and Rakesh Kumar, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003
Geo-Registration of Aerial Images
Yaser Sheikh and Sohaib Khan
Missile Route Planning using Image based GPS Localization
Saad Ali
Layer-Based Video Registration
Jiangjian Xiao
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