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Mitra, S K; Mahalanobis, A

Fast computation of jacobian and inverse jacobian of robot manipulators Proceeding

SPIE , 2020.

Tags: Deep Learning

Komatsu, S; Markman, A; Mahalanobis, A; Chen, K; Javidi, B

Passive long-wave infrared three-dimensional integral imaging for face detection and depth estimation: an overview Proceeding

Three-Dimensional Imaging, Visualization, and Display , 2020.

Tags: Deep Learning

MS, Kalemaki; AH, Karantanas; D, Exarchos; ET, Detorakis; O, Zoras; K, Marias; C, Millo; Bagci, Ulas; I, Pallikaris; A, Stratis; I, Karatzanis; K, Perisinakis; P, Koutentakis; GA, Kontadakis; DA, Spandidos; A, Tsatsakis; GZ, Papadakis

PET/CT and PET/MRI in Optalhalmic Oncology Journal Article

International Journal of Oncology, 2020.

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LaLonde, R; Kandel, P; Spampinato, C; Wallace, M; Bagci, Ulas

Diagnosing Colorectal Polyps in the Wild with Capsule Networks Journal Article

IEEE ISBI , 2020.

Tags: Medical

Mequanint, E Z; Tesfaye, Y T; Idrees, Haroon; Prati, A; Pelillo, M; Shah, Mubarak

Large-scale Image Geo-Localization Using Dominant Sets Journal Article

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2020.

Tags: Deep Learning | Links:

Masoodi, S; Razi, A; Wright, C; Gatlin, J; Bagci, Ulas

Instance-level Microtubule Tracking Journal Article

IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 2020.

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Tirosh, A; RaviPrakash, H; Papadakis, GZ. ; Tatsi, C; Belyavskaya, E; Chahralampos, L; Lodish, MB. ; Bagci, Ulas; Stratakis, CA

Computerized Analysis of Brain MR parameters dynamics in young patients with Cushing-Syndrome – a case control study Journal Article

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2019.

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Hoogenboom, S; Bagci, Ulas; Wallace, MB

AI in Gastroenterology. Current State of Play and Potential. How will it affect our practice and when? Journal Article

Techniques in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 150634, 2019.

Tags: Medical | Links:

Stember, JN. ; Celik, H; Krupinski, E; Chang, P; Mutasa, S; Wood, B; Lignelli, A; Moonis, G; Jambawalikar, S; Bagci, Ulas

Eye-Tracking for Deep Learning Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Networks: a proof-of-principle application to meningiomas Journal Article

Journal of Digital Imaging, 2019.

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Karaaslan, E; Bagci, Ulas; Catbas, F N

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Infrastructure Assessment Using Mixed Reality Systems Journal Article

Journal of Transportation Research, 2019.

Tags: Medical | Links:

Torosdagli, N; Liberton, D; Verma, P; Sincan, M; Lee, J; Bagci, Ulas

Deep Geodesic Learning for Segmentation and Anatomical Landmarking Journal Article

IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 2019.

Tags: Medical | Links:

LaLonde, R; Tanner, I; Nikiforaki, K; Papadakis, GZ ; Kandel, P; Bolan, CW ; Wallace, M; Bagci, Ulas

INN: Inflated Neural Networks for IPMN Diagnosis Conference

MICCAI, 2019.

Tags: Medical | Links:

Khosravan, N; Mortazi, A; Wallace, M; Bagci, Ulas

PAN: Projective Adversarial Network for Medical Image Segmentation Conference

MICCAI, 2019.

Tags: Medical | Links:

Mortazi, A; Khosravan, N; Torigian, DA ; Kurugol, S; Bagci, Ulas

Weakly Supervised Segmentation by A Deep Geodesic Prior Conference

MICCAI 2019-MLMI, 2019.

Tags: Medical | Links:

Liu, Y; Khosravan, N; Liu, Y; Stember, J; Bagci, Ulas; Jambawalikar, S

Cross-modality Knowledge Transfer for Prostate Segmentation from CT Scans Conference

MICCAI 2019-DART, 2019.

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