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The team includes Postdoctoral scholar Shruti Vyas from CRCV, Assistant Professor Dr. Kristopher Davis from Material Science and Engineering Department, and Undergraduate students Joe Fioresi and Melody Halbert from Computer Science Department.
The team competed in the first round, Ready and won a $30,000 cash prize along with the eligibility to participate in the second Set! Stage. The proposed innovation titled, ‘Photovoltaic Module Health Check Using Electroluminescence and Artificial Intelligence’ falls under ‘Other analytical tools’ subject area.

The aim is to automate the quality monitoring in manufacturing of solar cell modules and health check of fielded modules in photovoltaic (PV) power plants. The team members previously published a paper titled ‘Automated Defect Detection and Localization in Photovoltaic Cells using Semantic Segmentation of Electroluminescence Images’ in IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics. With prior experience in using EL images for defect detection in solar panels the team proposed to expand the idea by improving the classification and localization accuracy, which is desirable from both manufacturing and operation and maintenance (O&M) point of view.