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Jyoti Kini

Graduate Research Assistant
Center for Research in Computer Vision
University of Central Florida
4328 Scorpius St., HEC Suite 249
Orlando, FL 32816-2365

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I am a Ph.D. student working with the Center for Research in Computer Vision (CRCV) lab under the mentorship of Prof. Mubarak Shah at the University of Central Florida (UCF). My core areas of interest have been Computer Vision problems on segmentation, tracking (2D/3D), and point clouds, using attention and transformer-based deep learning methodologies.

As a part of my research experience with the CRCV lab, I had the opportunity to mentor incoming students in the NSF-Funded Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) program. Additionally, as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), I have conducted programming labs for undergraduate students. Also, I have provided periodic assistance with maintaining the CRCV website.

Recent Publications

CT-VOS: Cutout Prediction and Tagging for Self-Supervised Video Object Segmentation
CVIU 2023
Jyoti Kini, Fahad Shahbaz Khan, Salman Khan, Mubarak Shah

Ensemble Modeling for Multimodal Visual Action Recognition
ICIAP-W 2023
Jyoti Kini, Sarah Fleischer, Ishan Dave, Mubarak Shah
[Paper] [Project] [Code]

3DMODT: Attention-Guided Affinities for Joint Detection & Tracking in 3D Point Clouds
ICRA 2023
Jyoti Kini, Ajmal Mian, Mubarak Shah
[Paper] [Project]

Self Supervised Learning for Multiple Object Tracking in 3D Point Clouds
IROS 2022
Aakash Kumar, Jyoti Kini, Ajmal Mian, Mubarak Shah
[Paper] [Project]

Tag-Based Attention Guided Bottom-Up Approach for Video Instance Segmentation
ICPR 2022
Jyoti Kini, Mubarak Shah
[Paper] [Poster]

PC-DAN: Point Cloud-based Deep Affinity Network for 3D Multi-Object Tracking
CVPR-W 2021
Aakash Kumar, Jyoti Kini, Mubarak Shah, Ajmal Mian
[Paper] [Slides]

Florida Wildlife Camera Trap Dataset
CVPR-W 2021
Crystal Gagne, Jyoti Kini, Daniel Smith, Mubarak Shah
[Paper] [Project]


REU 2023

Sarah Fleischer
University of Central Florida

REU 2021

Robert Lake
University of Virginia

REU 2020

Matthew Alighchi
University of Nevada, Reno

REU 2019

Alex Ruiz Irene
University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon
  • Teaching Assistant: COP3502 – Data Structures and Algorithms (Spring 2021)
  • Teaching Assistant: COP3223 – Introduction to Programming with C (Fall 2020)
  • Secured first place in the ICIAP Competition on Multimodal Action Recognition on the MECCANO Dataset (2023)
  • Received ICRA RAS Travel Grant from ICRA Travel Grant Committee (2023)
  • Granted Graduate Presentation Fellowship by UCF College of Graduate Studies (2023)
  • Received Conference Registration & Travel funding from UCF Student Government (2022)
  • Won Stanford’s JackRabbot Dataset 3D Tracking Competition (2021)
  • Awarded the ORC Fellowship during my first year as a Ph.D. student with UCF (2018)