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1 papers accepted in CVPR 2024, congrats to Shehreen!
MSR AFMR Grant on Foundation Models Academic Research Initiative
1 paper accepted in AAAI'24, congrats Ayush, Aayush, Akash!
2 papers accepted in NeurIPS'23, congrats to Rajat and Shresth!
1 paper accepted in ICCV 2023, congrats to Nishant!
2 papers accepted in CVPR 2023, congrats to Aayush and Maddy!
Invited talk - FGAD @ WACV 2023!
Invited talk - ATLAS @ ECCV 2022! [Link]
Congratulations to Aayush and Maddy for NeurIPS 2022 Scholar Award!
3 papers accepted in NeurIPS'22, Congrats to Aayush, Maddy, and Ziwei!
Congratulations to Akash for his CVPR 2022 paper
Organizing ROSE workshop and challenge at CVPR-2022!
Organizing TinyAction Challenge in ActivityNet workshop at CVPR-2022!
Invited talk @SRI International Jan 2022
Congratulations to Xianhang for his WACV 2022 paper
Congratulations to Alec for his NeurIPS 2021 paper
Congratulations to Naman for his BMVC 2021 paper
Invited talk @MSR [Deep learning for video understanding], July 2021
Paper accepted in CVPR 2021
Paper accepted in ICLR 2021
Student Abstract Paper accepted in AAAI 2021
Paper accepted in WACV 2021
Organizer, Workshop on Trustworthy AI, ACM MM 2021 [link]
Organized TinyAction challange in CVPR 2021 [link][video]
2 papers accepted in ECCV 2020 [Multi-view action recognition] [Cross-view video synthesis]
Paper accepted in CVPR 2020
Teaching Computer Vision in Fall 2020 [course link]
Research overview talk [link]
Paper accepted in IEEE TMM
Runners-up, ActEV TRECVID 2019
Press cover (Robinly) @CVPR 2019
Organized CVPR 2019 tutorial on Capsule Networks.
[Survey video]
[Full tutorial video.]
Paper is accepted in ICCV 2019