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Center for Research in Comptuer Vision

GMCP-Tracker: Global Multi-object Tracking Using Generalized Minimum Clique Graphs


Data association is an essential component of any human tracking system. The majority of current methods, such as bipartite matching, incorporate a limited-temporal-locality of the sequence into the data association problem, which makes them inherently prone to ID-switches and difficulties caused by long-term occlusion, cluttered background, and crowded scenes. We propose an approach to data association which incorporates both motion and appearance in a global manner. Unlike limited-temporal-locality methods which incorporate a few frames into the data association problem, we incorporate the whole temporal span and solve the data association problem for one object at a time, while implicitly incorporating the rest of the objects. In order to achieve this, we utilize Generalized Minimum Clique Graphs to solve the optimization problem of our data association method. Our proposed method yields a better formulated approach to data association which is supported by our superior results. Experiments show the proposed method makes significant improvements in tracking in the diverse sequences of Town Center, TUD-crossing, TUD-Stadtmitte, PETS2009, and a new sequence called Parking Lot compared to the state of the art methods.



60-Second Summary

Finding Tracklets Using GMCP

The process of generating tracklets using GMCP is demonstrated in the following video.

Tracking Results

Tracking results on TUD-Crossing, Parking Lot and PETS2009 sequences are shown in the following video.

Full Presentation

20-Minute presentation of the full paper by Amir R. Zamir


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Tracking Results

The tracking results for multiple sequences including PETS2009 and Parking Lot can be downloaded here. The folder also contains the updated ground truth for the Parking Lot sequence which includes annotations for long term occlusions.


The code can be downloaded here.

Parking Lot Sequence

The Parking Lot sequence can be downloaded here.

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