Center for Research in Comptuer Vision
Center for Research in Comptuer Vision


Technical Reports

Dong Zhang, Omar Oreifej and Mubarak Shah, Face Verification Using Boosted Cross-Image Features, Technical Report, September 2013. (

Khurram Soomro, Amir Roshan Zamir and Mubarak Shah, UCF101: A Dataset of 101 Human Actions Classes From Videos in The Wild, Technical Report, November 2012. (

Yu-Gang Jiang, Xiaohong Zeng, Guangnan Ye, Subhabrata Bhattacharya, Dan Ellis, Mubarak Shah and Shih-Fu Chang, Columbia-UCF TRECVID 2010 Multimedia Event Detection: Combining Multiple Modalities, Contextual Concepts, and Temporal Matching, Technical Report, 2010.

Orkun Alatas, Pingkun Yan, and Mubarak Shah, Spatiotemporal Regularity Flow (SPREF), Technical Report, 2006.

Niels Haering and Niels da Vitoria Lobo, A Framework for Designing Event Detectors, Technical Report, 1999.

Niels Haering, Richard Qian, Ibrahim Sezan, and Niels da Vitoria Lobo, Detecting Hunts in Wildlife Documentaries, Technical Report, 1999.

Mubarak Shah, Kevin Bowyer, and Niels da Vitoria Lobo, Research Experience for Undergraduates in Computer Vision, Technical Report, 1996.

Mubarak Shah and Kevin Bowyer, Mentoring Undergradutates in Computer Vision Research, Technical Report, 1995.

Li Nan, Shawn Dettmer, and Mubarak Shah, Lipreading Using Spatiotemporal Eigen Decomposition, Technical Report, 1995.

Glenn A. Martin and Mubarak Shah, Lipreading by Optical Flow Correlation, Technical Report, 1994.

Claudette Cédras and Mubarak Shah, Motion-Based Recognition: a Survey, Technical Report, 1994.

Ping-sing Tsai, Mubarak Shah, Katharine Keiter, and Takis Kasparis, Cyclic Motion Detection, Technical Report, 1993

Ruo Zhang, Ping-sing Tsai, and Mubarak Shah, Depth from Photomotion, Technical Report, 1993.

Ruo Zhang, Ping-sing Tsai, James Edwin Cryer, and Mubarak Shah, Analysis of Shape-from-shading techniques, Technical Report, 1993.

James Edwin Cryer, Ping-sing Tsai, and Mubarak Shah, Combining Shape from Shading and Stereo Using Human Vision Model, Technical Report, 1992.

Ping-sing Tsai and Mubarak Shah, Shape From Shading Using Linear Approximation, Technical Report, 1992.

Mubarak Shah, Krishnan Rangarajan, and Ping-sing Tsai, Motion Trajectories, Technical Report, 1992.