Center for Research in Comptuer Vision
Center for Research in Comptuer Vision


Honors in the Major Theses by REU Students

B.S. (Honors in the Majors)

Advisor: Dr. Mubarak Shah

David Thomas
Topic: Recognition of Predicted Time Series using Chaotic and Geometric Features
Graduation Date: August 2010
Current Affiliation: SAIC

Brandyn White
Topic: Using FPGAs to Perform Embedded Image Registration
Graduation Date: May 2009

Vladimir Reilly
Topic: Human Detection
Graduation Date: May 2006
Current Affiliation: Ph.D. Student EECS, UCF

Alfred K. Levy III
Topic: Object Tracking in Low-Frame-Rate Video Sequences
Graduation Date: May 2004
Current Affiliation: Harris Corporation

Ankur Datta
Topic: Gait Based Recognition
Graduation Date: May 2004
Current Affiliation: CMU

Walter 'Rusty' Phillips
Topic: VHDL Design of Computer Vision Tasks
Graduation Date: Summer 2001
Current Affiliation: Purdue

Chris Ingrassia
Topic: Tracking and Recognition of Coronary Arteries Angiograms
Graduation Date: December 1998
Current Affiliation: New York University

Doug Ayers
Topic: Monitoring Human Behavior in An Office Environment
Graduation Date: April 1998
Current Affiliation: SAIC

Anna Ortega
Topic: From Shape from Shading to Recognition
Graduation Date: August 1994

Warren Macchi
Topic: Modeling Rough Interreflections
Graduation Date: July 1994

James Davis
Topic: Recognizing Hand Gestures
Graduation Date: May 1994
Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Ohio State University

Matt Lavoie
Topic: Object Recognition using Multiple Sensors
Graduation Date: May 1991

Advisor: Dr. Niels Lobo

Mike Wallick
Topic: Computer Vision Framework for Analyzing Projections from video of Lectures
Graduation Date: Spring 2001
Current Affiliation: University of Wisconsin-Madison