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3D SIFT code (Matlab)

This MATLAB code is meant for research purposes only.

There have been various changes made to the code since the initial publication.  Some subtle, some not so subtle.  The most significant change is the use of a tessellation method to calculate the orientation bins.  Our testing has shown improved results; however, currently rotational invariance has not been re-implemented.  Rotational invariance is useful in certain applications, however it is useless in others, for this reason we have focused our time elsewhere.  Another noteable change is the elimination of some points due to lack of descriptive information (multiple gradient orientations).  This is a change which has a flag, and can therefore be turned on or off, however I suggest leaving it on and writing your frontend in such a way that allows 3DSIFT to refuse points, as this too has proven very effective in our testing.

Please see the README file for more detailed and up-to-date information.

Code from the following publication:

Paul Scovanner, Saad Ali, and Mubarak Shah, A 3-Dimensional SIFT Descriptor and its Application to Action Recognition, ACM MM 2007.