Center for Research in Comptuer Vision
Center for Research in Comptuer Vision

Tracking People in Presence of Occlusion

In most tracking algorithms, person-to-person occlusion is not dealt with explicitly, and the tracker is unable to label persons during occlusion. We present a framework that deals well with partial and complete occlusion for multiple people. Person-to-person occlusion is frequent in many indoor and outdoor situations, especially when cameras are mounted with a small angle of depression.

Related Publication

Sohaib Khan, Mubarak Shah, Tracking People in Presence of Occlusion, Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Taipei, Taiwan, January 2000.


Sequence 1:

[original] [results]
Short sequence of two persons indoors, contains shadows, complete occlusion

Sequence 2:

[original] [results]
In this outdoor sequence, no person-to-person overlap occurs but one person hands over an object to the second person. While they are segmented out as one motion blob, our algorithm differentiates between them during overlap, and spatial constraints switch the identity of the object from person 1 to person 2

Sequence 3:

[original] [results]
Outdoor sequence with complete occlusion, color similarity and velocity reversal while person is occluded.

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