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UCF-ARG Data Set



UCF-ARG (University of Central Florida-Aerial camera, Rooftop camera and Ground camera) Data set is a Multiview Human Action data set. UCF-ARG consists of 10 actions performed by 12 actors recorded from a ground camera, a rooftop camera at a height of 100 feet, and an aerial camera mounted onto the payload platform of a 13′ Kingfisher Aerostat helium balloon as illustrated in the figure. The 10 actions are Boxing, Carrying, Clapping, Digging, Jogging, Open-Close Trunk, Running, Throwing, Walking and Waving. Except for Open-Close Trunk, all the other actions are performed 4 times by each actor in different directions. Open-Close Trunk is performed only 3 times, i.e. on 3 cars parked in different directions. The actions are captured using a high-definition camcorder (Sanyo Xacti FH1A camera) 1920 X 1080 at 60fps (frames per second).

Data Set Details

The details of our aerial platform setup can be found at [1].

Screenshots of walking action from the three cameras:

Screenshots of different actions in all the three cameras:


The evaluation set has approximately 3 minutes of video captured using aerial, rooftop and ground cameras. At any given instance the number of actors in the camera view can vary from 4 to 8 and the actors are free to performing any of the 10 actions and can change the action being performed at any time. The sequences from aerial camera are annotated using the VIPER format for evaluation. Note: Please note that the evaluation set videos are annotated at 1920×1080 resolution and 60 fps. The annotations might have action that dont belong to the data set like gesturing, standing, picking-up, tennis swing and also combination of actions like throwing while walking and more. Please inform us of any serious annotation errors. We are aware of some missing annotations. Videos in “mpg” format are provided which can be used to visualize the annotations in VIPER.