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KNIGHT: Real Time Automated Surveillance System

A preliminary video surveillance and monitoring system, called KNIGHT, has been developed to help Orlando Police Department with electronic patrol. KNIGHT is a ‘smart’ surveillance system that detects important changes, events, and activities using computer vision techniques, flags significant events, and presents a summary in terms of key frames and textual description of activities to a monitoring officer for final analysis and response decision. The system is robust to illumination changes and weather conditions. KNIGHT has been installed at four locations in the downtown Orlando area which has Orange Avenue as its primary street, and is currently being field tested. The system employs single camera, and works in real time. KNIGHT consists of four main modules: object detection and shadow removal, tracking object classification and activity detection.

Results for PETS sequences

Tracking Results for UCF Sequences ( real sequences- no actors)
Results for UCF sequences 

Results for UCF sequences (with actors)

Results for IR sequences

Results for Indoor Sequences


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Keywords: shadow removal, tracking, object classification, automated surviellance, real time system