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Movie Genre Classification from Previews

We present a method to classify movies on the basis of audio-visual cues in the movie previews. A preview summarizes the main idea of a movie, therefore it provides suitable amount of information to perform the genre classification task. We perform the initial classification into action and non-action by computing the visual disturbance for every movie. Visual disturbance is defined as a measure of amount of motion in a clip. Next we use color, audio and cinematic principles for further classification into comedy, horror, drama/other and movies containing explosions and gunfire. Potential applications are browsing and retrieval of videos on the Internet (video-on-demand), video libraries, and rating of the movies. This work is a step towards automatically building and updating video database, thus resulting in less human intervention.



Related Publications:
Zeeshan Rasheed, Yaser Sheikh, and Mubarak Shah, On the Use of Computable Features for Film Classification, IEEE Transcations on Circuit and Systems for Video Technology, VOL. 1, NO. 11, September 2003.

Zeeshan Rasheed; Mubarak Shah, Movie Genre Classification By Exploiting Audio-Visual Features Of Previews, to appear in International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Québec City, Canada, August 11-15, 2002.

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