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Learning Motion Patterns in Crowded Scenes Using Motion Flow Field


Learning typical motion patterns or activities from videos of crowded scenes is an important visual surveillance problem. To detect typical motion patterns in crowded scenarios, we propose a new method which utilizes the instantaneous motions of a video, i.e., the motion flow field, instead of long-term motion tracks. The motion flow field is a union of independent flow vectors computed in different frames. Detecting motion patterns in this flow field can therefore be formulated as a clustering problem of the motion flow fields, where each motion pattern consists of a group of flow vectors participating in the same process or motion. We first construct a directed neighborhood graph to measure the closeness of flow vectors. A hierarchical agglomerative clustering algorithm is applied to group flow vectors into desired motion patterns.

Related Publication

Min Hu, Saad Ali, Mubarak Shah, Learning Motion Patterns in Crowded Scenes Using Motion Flow Field, ICPR 2008, Tampa, FL, December 8-11, 2008.