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Segmentation of Interview Videos

In this project, we consider one popular TV show, Larry King Live, which has been running for more than 15 years on CNN. We assume the entire collection of shows has been digitized, and address the problem of how to organize each show, so that it is suitable for browsing and retrieval. We consider the user may be interested to look at only interview segments without the commercials, or may want to view only clips which record the questions asked during the show, or may want to see only clips which record the answers of the interviewee. For example, the user might be motivated only to watch the questions, to get a summary of the topics discussed in a particular program. We have developed techniques to separate commercials from interview segments and to further classify interview segments as shots of the host and shots of the guests.

Associated publications:

A Framework for Segmentation of Talk & Game Shows

The Eighth IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, Vancouver, Canada. July 9-12, 2001

A Framework for Segmentation of Interview Videos

IASTED Int’l Conference, Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications, Las Vegas, Nov 20-23, 2000

Visual Content Based Segmentation of Talk and Game Shows

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